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You may have an issue when using OBS, as you can't capture the gameplay with the normal display, or the OBS game capture is not working. The black screen is shown during screen capturing. There are several methods to lead to OBS game capture black screen, such as choosing the unsuitable capture mode, using the wrong graphics card, etc.


The first thing to avoid showing a black screen when capturing a game video is to use Game Capture mode in OBS other than window capture or something else. Also, you need to choose a specific window instead of a full screen for capturing. The reason why to set it like this is that some game software won't show effectively in the full screen capturing mode. After that, right click from the Source dock and hit "Transform" > "Reset Transform". Later, you need to click the Transform button again and select "Center to screen".

If there is a black screen during the OBS capture game, maybe the reason is that OBS is blocked. To fix the issue, you need access from the administrator. If OBS runs as administrator, the game capturing will be efficient.

If you have finished running OBS as an administrator, you can restart the OBS Studio. Check if OBS can capture the gameplay without a black screen. This method is also suitable for OBS not capturing game audio. Capture game audio in OBS also needs help from the administrator.

One possible reason to cause OBS record black screen is that your computer is running on two GPUs. Logically, there are two GPUs, including dedicated and integrated graphics cards. Most game software is using dedicated GPU. If the OBS Studio is under integrated status, it will be different from the graphics card used on the game software. For that reason, the black screen will show.

Another situation that causes OBS game capture black screen is the compatibility problem. Sometimes, the setting is in an incompatible operating system. Therefore, you can choose the related mode to handle the issue.

What's more, when capturing gameplay with EaseUS RecExperts, taking screenshots, choosing the output settings, using the custom hotkeys, and other functions are accessible. Most importantly, this best game recorder won't make you face the black screen for game capture.

Believe that you have fixed the problem that OBS will show a black screen when recording. Try the above five methods to solve the recording issue. If you think the first four methods are inefficient, then you can try an alternative to OBS Studio, EaseUS RecExperts. It meets multiple functions to record the gameplay video. You can record game videos with different audio resources and a webcam.

There are some reasons that can lead to OBS capturing black screen. First of all, you didn't choose Game Capture mode as the recording source. And some game software can not be shown in the full-screen mode. So you need to change it into partial screen mode. Secondly, OBS is using an unsuitable GPU source. Thirdly, it's due to the compatibility issue. Or, you use an old version of OBS Studio.

Valorant (VALORANT) is a popular team-based first-person hero shooter published by Riot Games for Windows. Some players are complaining that their screen will turn black on startup or when they are playing Valorant. This article will present 9 solutions to help you fix the Valorant black screen or unable to launch errors.

If your graphics drivers/display drivers are missing, broken or outdated, it is very likely that your computer screen turns black when you are launching or playing Valorant. Thus, you should update your graphics drivers when you have Valorant balck screen problems in your Windows. Driver Talent can help to quickly download and install drivers from various manufacturers, including AMD, NVIDIA, Intel and Realtek. Download Driver Talent and buy Pro version. Then get the latest driver with Driver Talent.

Visual C++ Redistributable can install Microsoft C and C++ (MSVC) runtime libraries which are required by most game applications. Many people call it game component or game driver. If the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is outdated, black screen, crashing or freezing issues may occur in Valorant. Hence, you can try to update it to fix the Valorant balck screen errors. Driver Talent is a useful tool can help you update graphics drivers and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable safely. After downloading Driver Talent and getting Pro version, follow the steps below to update the game component.

Sometimes Valorant may be caused by the conflict between your old graphics board and your computer screen resolution settings. So, you can try to change your screen resolution to see if it can solve the Valorant black screen on startup.

The Xbox Series X is a powerful machine, but it has its share of hardware and software bugs like every console. Getting a game stuck in the Xbox Series X is a real headache for users, and the prevalent "There was a problem with the update" error message has plagued owners everywhere. One of the most challenging issues to troubleshoot is when an Xbox is plugged in and ready to go, but players are met with nothing but a black screen.

There are a few reasons why the Xbox Series X can get stuck on a black screen: a connection may be faulty, the power supply may have malfunctioned, or the console is overheating. These problems tend to affect those that partake in the Xbox Insiders Program, as they may receive buggy beta firmware. Thankfully, Microsoft has provided players with a few techniques they can employ to get an Xbox Series X back in working order without returning their system to the manufacturer.

Anyone experiencing a black screen should first perform a complete restart. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds, ensure the consoled turned off, and turn it back on by pressing the same button. This works as a possible solution to the screen going black after returning to the Home screen. You can also try unplugging everything from the console other than the HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, and power cord. This fixes the issue for many, as external devices can produce a black screen during updates.

If the console boots into a black screen immediately, it may be a connection issue. To fix this, first ensure the TV and console are powered on, the correct input is selected on the TV, and the HDMI cable is in the 'out to TV' port on the Xbox. If all seems in order, users should try to connect the Xbox to another TV to see if the TV is at fault. If nothing changes, the HDMI cable may be causing the issue, and you should try using a different one.

The final option is performing an offline system update. First, download the Offline System Update file (OSU1) from the official Xbox Support website onto a computer and unzip the files onto a USB flash drive. Next, open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter menu by holding down the Pair and Eject buttons on the console and then pressing the Xbox button. Don't let go of the Pair and Eject buttons until you hear two power-up tones after about 15 seconds. Once the Troubleshoot menu appears, plug in the USB flash drive with the OSU1 file and select "Offline System Update." After completing the update the Xbox will restart and the black screen issue should be solved.

Regardless of whether you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, you may encounter the situation where the screen goes black and it has gradually become a common nuisance. From the data collected, many users have had similar troubles, and even these common types can be summarized as follows.

These problems about black screen may seem to be a bit troublesome, but they are still quite solvable as long as the computer does not fall into a state of death. However, before trying any solution, it is recommended that you understand the cause of the problem so that you can solve it more effectively.

When you encounter a problem with the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10, it is recommended to restart your computer first and then try to wake up the monitor screen using a specific shortcut.

Incorrect power settings can be the trigger for the problem of the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the power settings and disable fastboot to resolve this issue.

The display adapter will directly affect the computer display, and when your display adapter driver is outdated, incorrect or becomes incompatible, it may cause the problem that the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10. For this reason, you need to update, roll back or reinstall the display adapter driver.

When you encounter the problem that the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10, you can check the monitor first to confirm if there is any hardware damage. If the monitor is fine, you can try to fix the problem by resetting the settings.

Some users may use professional overclocking software to overclock their CPU or GPU to get more powerful performance. However, overclocking can increase the pressure on your computer's power supply, which may affect the display and cause the problem of the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10. For this reason, you need to uninstall all overclocking software from your computer.

As you can see from the results of some user feedback, Windows File Explorer may also be the trigger for the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10. For this reason, you can restart the File Explorer in Task Manager.

As mentioned in the previous method, the issue of the screen goes black for a second in Windows 10 when the computer starts in Safe Mode has been resolved, indicating that it is caused by a third-party application. At this point, you can uninstall all potentially conflicting applications in Safe Mode.

In fact, an outdated version of Windows 10 or the latest version of Windows 10 can cause compatibility issues and be the trigger for the screen to go black for a few seconds in Windows 10. For this reason, you need to update or revert to the Windows 10 version. 041b061a72


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