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Installer Per Webcam PLEOMAX F24 F49 Mm VGA SENSOR

I was also told that they re working on a firmware update which will resolve the issue with green tinted pictures, but this is still in the development stages. In my testing, I found the lens to be acceptable and the quality of the pictures is good enough for casual usage. I quickly discovered that the bluetooth plugin for the software was a bit dodgy and would only work intermittently. The webcam has a sliding lid which protects the lens when not in use.

Installer Per Webcam PLEOMAX F24 F49 Mm VGA SENSOR

The controls are pretty basic and consist of a power switch, a mute key and a volume control. The mute switch does not work for the microphone so you can choose to use it or not. With the push of a button, the webcam sends a webcam stream to the computer youre using. Your browser just needs to know where the stream is coming from and where it is going. Firefox and Chrome support this natively, but Explorer and Chrome need a plugin.

The plug and play connections are fairly easy to set up, although like most webcam products, it can be a little fiddly to get it connected and working. The webcam recognises Windows 10 and previous versions and the Creative site says it will work with Mac OS X and Linux, although I have not tested them.

At the moment there are a few quirks with the software, although Creative have put together a short video about the webcam for those who might need a help file. Two things that it lets me do is use it as a video calling device (like Skype) and use it as a normal webcam and microphone (the built-in camera is used for the video). The software may not be perfect, but it is certainly better than the older version I reviewed. The price is a little higher too.


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