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Where To Buy Color Wow Root Cover Up EXCLUSIVE

Whether you have stunning light blonde hair or lustrous brunette locks, our Root Cover Up range features options for every hair colour. As a no-mess mineral powder, Root Cover Up adheres to your hair instantly, allowing you to easily cover grey hairs, refresh highlights, perfect your hairline and blend your roots with your new hair colour. Root Cover Up has been designed to offer long-lasting colour, even when using shampoo and conditioner daily.

where to buy color wow root cover up


How do I style with Root Cover Up powder?Our Root Cover Up powder should be the very last step in the styling process. Once you have finished styling, cover any visible grey roots or dark re-growth.

Can I give myself temporary highlights with Color Wow Root Cover Up?Color Wow Root Cover Up is perfect for refreshing highlights in lightened/highlighted hair. It's meant to cover dark roots/re-growth at the part line. However, it's not meant to create a full streak or highlight in the hair.

This root cover-up powder is ideal for covering greys and root regrowth, extending and retouching highlights and perfecting the hairline. It can even lighten darkened roots on highlighted or bleached hair; all without waxes, dyes or parabens.

This Colour WOW root cover up product is very impressive. I wasn't sure whether this would be effective but I was very happily surprised. The product is very great at coovering up grown out roots. I can't wait to try additional products from this range.

I initially thought this was a tad expensive and then remembered the random make I bought on eBay at the start of lockdown #1 had only just run out! So hopefully an investment. I went in a bit heavy handed at first but now have got the knack it covers my (grey) roots perfectly. Someone on a Teams call even asked if I had just had my colour done!

Use Color WOW Root Cover Up to disguise dreaded greys and pesky roots until your next salon visit. Contained in a handy compact, this pressed powder adheres to the hair to give the appearance of colour in minutes.Formulated with natural minerals and powders, the water resistant formula promises to be sweat, sleep and smudge proof but never feels sticky or stiff. Simply brush in to the roots to cover up patches and make hair look thicker and fuller.

The starting point. A pretty grim situation.Using the short stubby end of the brush I pushed the powder into the root, and it applied easily but did need a good few coats before it even came close to covering the grey. Good pigment (I went for the dark brown powder) but it takes a strong contender to take on stubborn grey hair. You can see the difference though between the two sides.

This black root touch up is perfect for anyone who wants to cover greys and dark roots, refresh highlights, or create the look of thicker, fuller hair. If you have a thinning hairline or gaps in hairline. Perfect for both natural and color-treated black hair. Ideal for extending time between color treatments.

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