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Pixel Gun Zombie Shooter: A Fun and Addictive 3D FPS Game

Pixel Gun Zombie: A Guide to Surviving the Undead Apocalypse

If you are a fan of shooting games, Minecraft, and zombies, then you will love Pixel Gun Zombie. This is a 3D first-person shooter game that combines pixel graphics, fast-paced action, and undead enemies. You can play solo or with your friends, online or offline, in various modes and maps. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to play Pixel Gun Zombie, how to improve your skills, and how to have more fun with this game.

pixel gun zombie

What is Pixel Gun Zombie?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Pixel Gun Zombie is a spin-off of the popular Pixel Gun 3D game, which is developed by Mita Marian. It was released in September 2016 and is available for browser (desktop-only) platforms. The game uses HTML5 (Unity WebGL) technology, which means it runs smoothly and has high-quality graphics.

The game has two main features: Team Deathmatch and Zombie mode. In Team Deathmatch, you can join the Germans or the mercenaries and battle the other team with a machete and five different types of weapons. These include a machine gun, pistol, rocket launcher, shotgun, and sniper rifle. You can also customize your weapons with skins and attachments. The goal is to gain more kills than your opponents in a limited time.

In Zombie mode, you have to survive and kill everything that moves. You will face many flesh-eating zombies that will try to attack you and eat your brains. You can use any weapon you want, but some are more effective than others. For example, the shotgun can blast multiple zombies at once, while the sniper rifle can take them out from a distance. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible and rack up points.

The different modes and maps of Pixel Gun Zombie

Pixel Gun Zombie has nine different playable maps, each with its own setting and theme. Some of them are based on real-world locations, such as Farm, City, Bridge, Prison, Hospital, School, and Airport. Others are more fictional or fantastical, such as Nuketown and Deadly Arena. Each map has its own layout, obstacles, hiding spots, and secrets. You can explore them freely and use them to your advantage.

The game also has four different modes that you can choose from. These are:

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pixel gun 3d zombie arena

pixel gun 3d zombie survival

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  • Free for All: This is a classic mode where everyone is an enemy. You have to kill as many players as possible before the time runs out.

  • Team Deathmatch: This is a team-based mode where you have to cooperate with your allies and eliminate the enemy team.

  • Zombie Survival: This is a solo mode where you have to survive waves of zombies that get stronger and faster as time goes on.

  • Zombie Team Survival: This is a co-op mode where you have to work with other players and fend off hordes of zombies.

The types of zombies and how to kill them

Pixel Gun Zombie has a variety of zombies that you will encounter in the game. Some of them are based on the original mobs from Pixel Gun 3D, such as the Injured Zombie, the Crook Zombie, the Tortured Prisoner, the Infected Truck Driver, and the Crawler. Others are more unique or inspired by other games or media, such as the Clown Zombie, the Slender Zombie, the Headless Zombie, the Spider Zombie, and the Creeper Zombie.

Each zombie has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. For example, the Clown Zombie can throw pies at you, the Slender Zombie can teleport and scare you, the Headless Zombie can run faster than normal, the Spider Zombie can climb walls and ceilings, and the Creeper Zombie can explode when near you. You have to learn their patterns and behaviors and adapt your tactics accordingly.

Here are some general tips on how to kill zombies effectively:

  • Aim for the head. Headshots deal more damage and can save you ammo and time.

  • Use explosives wisely. Explosives can deal massive damage to multiple zombies at once, but they can also harm you or your teammates if you are not careful. Use them when you are surrounded or when you see a large group of zombies.

  • Keep moving. Zombies are slow and predictable, but they can overwhelm you if you stay in one place for too long. Move around the map and look for better positions and vantage points.

  • Watch your back. Zombies can spawn behind you or sneak up on you from blind spots. Always check your surroundings and use the minimap to see where the zombies are.

  • Use melee weapons as a last resort. Melee weapons can be useful when you run out of ammo or when you want to conserve it, but they also put you at risk of getting bitten or scratched by zombies. Use them only when necessary and switch back to ranged weapons as soon as possible.

How to play Pixel Gun Zombie effectively

Choosing the right weapons and equipment

Pixel Gun Zombie has a wide range of weapons and equipment that you can use to fight zombies and other players. You can buy them with coins or gems, or earn them by completing tasks or opening chests. You can also upgrade them to increase their power and performance.

The game has six categories of weapons: Primary, Backup, Melee, Special, Sniper, and Heavy. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each weapon has its own stats, such as damage, fire rate, capacity, mobility, accuracy, and range. You have to choose the weapons that suit your playstyle and preferences.

Here are some examples of weapons that are good for Pixel Gun Zombie:


PrimaryCyber Machine GunThis weapon has a high fire rate, capacity, and mobility, making it ideal for spraying bullets at zombies and players. It also has a scope for aiming at long distances.

BackupDual HawksThis weapon has a high damage, accuracy, and range, making it effective for taking out zombies and players with headshots. It also has a fast reload speed and a piercing shot attribute.

MeleeFire DemonThis weapon has a high damage and mobility, making it useful for slashing zombies and players in close quarters. It also has a burning effect that deals extra damage over time.

SpecialPoison DartsThis weapon has a high damage and range, making it powerful for sniping zombies and players from afar. It also has a poison effect that deals extra damage over time and slows down the target.

SniperAnti-Hero RifleThis weapon has a very high damage and accuracy, making it deadly for killing zombies and players with one shot. It also has a wall break attribute that allows it to shoot through walls.

HeavyRocket JumperThis weapon has a high damage and area damage attribute, making it great for blasting multiple zombies and players at once. It also has a rocket jump attribute that allows it to propel the user into the air.

You can also equip various equipment items that can enhance your abilities or provide extra benefits. These include helmets, armor, boots, capes, masks, gadgets, pets, modules, trails, skins, etc. For example, you can equip the Berserk Boots to increase your speed when your health is low, the Ninja Shurikens gadget to throw sharp projectiles at your enemies, the Alien Cat pet to help you attack your foes, the Energy Module to boost your weapon's damage output, the Fire Trail to leave behind a trail of fire when you move, and the Zombie skin to look like a zombie yourself.

Using the environment and strategies to your advantage

Pixel Gun Zombie is not just about shooting and killing. It is also about using your brain and skills to outsmart and outplay your enemies. You have to use the environment and strategies to your advantage, whether you are playing against zombies or other players.

Here are some tips on how to use the environment and strategies effectively:

Use cover and concealment. Cover is anything that can protect you from bullets or explosions, such as walls, crates, cars, etc. Concealment is anything that can hide you from sight, such as bu


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