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It's your time to shine!

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to urban planning, design, and management that focuses on creating vibrant, inclusive, and people-centered public spaces within communities.

At Liberty Link Foundation 360, our placemaking program aims to create positive change in the community by helping to develop projects, programs, and services. With a focus on community engagement, our team works closely with Community Redeveloping Agency and Main Street Bartow to help you transform neglected spaces into vibrant community assets that serve the needs of everyone. Let’s work together to create a better community for all.


We are focused on giving you the ability to create meaningful change in our community through Residential Outreach. Programs that connect Bartow’s residents to public and private spaces to create new advocates for downtown’s public spaces and businesses. Explore categories below and see how you can make our community your canvas today!

Categories for Placemaking 

1- Standard 

Universal term for creating places where people want to be. Projects consist of small projects or activities that engage and empower people while improving the quality of a place for a period of time.

02- Creative   

Bring arts and cultural activities to the forefront with projects that are only limited by the creative forces that fuel each unique idea. Creative Placemaking animates spaces bringing diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired by the project or activity that taking place.

03- Tactical 

Projects that create quality places through small or short-term activities. Projects or activities are often temporary, low-cost, completed in phases, or take place in already-established public spaces. These projects work to efficiently generate new uses of spaces and maximize their use for enhanced purposes. 

04- Residential Outreach

Residential Outreach through placemaking involves engaging with residents to improve the quality of their neighborhoods and enhance community well-being.

Community Kitchen Garden

Eligible Projects



Public Art Installations, Murals, Sculptures, Streets, Alley, Parking lots, Vacant lots, or Park Improvements




Arts, Cultural Programming, and Performance Art Park Enhancements, Community Spaces, Interactive and Technology Programs, and Store Fronts


Community Gardens, Recreational Spaces, Physical Activities, Bike or Pedestrian Improvements, or Place Branding, Community Buildings (book clubs, bicycle rides, lecture series, play days)


Tree Lined Path


Small Projects 

Cost up to $2,999

  • Applicants can request up to 25% seed funding to start the project for large and medium projects.


  • All other funding will be issued on a reimbursement basis following the complete submission of all expenses.


Medium Projects

Cost up to $9,999

  • The approval committee must review and approve all reimbursement requests.


  • Applicants must submit an application, budget, and description of their project, program, or activity.


Large Projects

Cost up to $25,000

  • A summary of the project metrics and before/after photos for the project area will be required.


  • Applicants must report to the CRA Board on the Projects or Activities and the impact when completed.


Does this space have to be outside?

No. For Outside and Inside Activities/Programs, the space must be free, and open to the public. Public spaces that qualify include parks, plazas, grounds, streets, empty lots, outdoor areas around a library, and more. Inside areas must be visible from the right of way. Not sure if your space qualifies? Please contact

How many grantees are selected for the program? 

Recipients are eligible for selection starting in 2024 and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis on a first come first served order. All grant awards are subject to budget availability for Community Placemaking Grants.

We already have a full design and are looking for implementation funds. Are we a good fit for this grant?

No. This grant includes technical assistance from the Program Administration to facilitate a participatory community process to identify design and programming improvements for a space or program activity or services.

Can a nonprofit apply to make improvements to publicly owned property?

Yes, if the nonprofit has an agreement with the public agency that will allow the project, which may require city/or county approval depending on location.

​I’m an artist. Can I apply for this grant?

Yes, if you are supported by a local community advocate, organization, or community agency that can advocate for the project on your behalf and assist with administration and/or implementation.

Does this project have to be permanent?

Not necessarily, however, a portion of the activities must support physical improvements or amenities to a public space, and any temporary improvements should have a lasting impact on the community. For example, a seasonal activation could be used to build support or test ideas for long-term improvement. Generally, it would be expected grantees have the capacity to maintain (or update) the improvements during the year as needed for the approved time period.

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